20 Uses of Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly for Beauty

Hi my beautiful Reader. I just wanna share you the uses of Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly. This product is the most popular in the world because it cheap, affordable, effective and multifunction. But please be careful if you want to buy this because some of seller sell the fake one to get profit fastly. As precaution, just buy it at any drugstore. Here’s the list of how to use this product & I apply it as my everyday routine.

1. Put vaseline at your eyebrow using eyebrow brush before sleep to grow your eyebrow hair.

2. After you draw your eyebrow, finish it using vaseline so that your eyebrow is on point & looks tidy or it can be as a brow gel.

3. It can be used as highlighter make up. Just apply a coat of vaseline on the all the highest areas on your face.

4. By using eyelash brush, put it before you apply mascara so that the eyelashes can curl more & also apply it before bed to moisturize and grow the lashes longer and get thicker.

5. Apply on your lips as a lip balm before bed and put lipstick on to make your lips smooth and moisture.

6. As a primer eyeshadow. Rub it at your eyelid before apply the eyeshadow so that the eyeshadow can blend well & help the eyeshadow stay longer.

7. To get rid blackheads on your face, just use plastic wrap and vaseline.

8. As lips scrub by adding small amount of sugar to remove the dead skin on your lips and avoid the chapped lips.

9. Massage your fingernails with vaseline to get a beautiful cuticles and stronger nails.

10. Rub the vaseline on your wrists, behind ears, collarbone. Then put the perfume on them so that the scent is last longer.

11. Apply it on thin area on your dry skin like elbow & knee to keep it moisture.

12. Massage the feet using vaseline to heal the cracked heel and smoothen the feet. Then, seal them with a pair of sock so that the vaseline can stay longer.

13. As body scrub by adding small about of salt. Then rub it on your whole body.

14. Vaseline can be used as eye make remover.

15. As face moisturizer. Just apply on your face with small amount of vaseline.

16. To avoid the wound at leg when you wear shoes by applying the area that easily wound.

17. Mix the vaseline with your favorite lotion as hand and leg moisturizer. Without lotion can be used as well.

18. Rub your leg with vaseline after shaving to soothe your skin leg & prevent strawberry legs.

19. To moisture your under eye & get rid the wrinkles, just apply a thin layer on it with vaseline.

20. As blusher by mixing it with your favorite lipsticks.

I hope this will help you all. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 😉


Skincare Review: Althea Bare Essential by Althea Korea

Hi lovelies! Let me share you my current favorite k-beauty skincare product that I love. Basically, we know that korean has 10 steps skincare routine but if you don’t have time to do all the steps, I suggest you to buy this amazing, affordable & effective kbeauty product.

Bare Essential from Althea Korea. This set of product simplifies 10 steps to 3 simple steps skincare routine for the best result. It contains selected natural ingredient to give hydration for your skin. Suitable all skin types.

Step 1: Contour Cleanser
This foaming cleanser can removes impurities while improving blood circulation for that V-shaped look. It also exfoliate gently the dead skin cell because this cleanser contains microcapsule.

Key Ingredients:
1. Ice Plant : Provides a cooling effect and refreshment which help sooth and hydrate sensitive skin, and also calms redness.
2. Lemon Verbena: Purifies the toxic energy inside the skin, completes smooth and clear the skin layer as if it’s been exfoliated.

How to use:
For day care (Sun Slim), dampen the skin, then squeeze out a small amount and lather onto the face, massaging in circular motion. Rinse off with water after.

For night care (Moon Tox), when you need intensive treatment for blackheads, pores, dead cells, and sebum, use the cleanser one more time as a facial mask after cleansing. After applying on concerning areas, gently massage for approximately 30 seconds.

Step 2: Primer Water
Smooth, hydrating and ever so slightly balm-like, this bottle contains clear dewdrops that softens the skin by gently filling the gaps between pores and skin. It has silky-soft texture that envelops the skin like veil, effectively penetrates into the skin layers to plump them up, prepping the skin and making it a smooth canvas for products to enter. This product can be used as a toner, essence and mask to achieve layers upon layers of hydration.

Key Ingredients:
1. Snow Lotus: brightening, fixing dark spots on the skin, and superior anti-aging effect. It also smoothens and brightens the skin while evening out its texture to enhance its natural smoothness and radiance.
2. Patented DEWDROP formulation: Soften the skin and improve suppleness by gently filling the gaps between pores and the skin.

How to use:
1st drop touch (fresh vitality) – Use it after morning and night cleansing during the toner / essence stage.

2nd drop touch (velvety soft skin texture) – Use one more time after the 1st drop for even smoother velvety-soft skin texture.
Tip: Keep the Primer Water in the fridge in the summer to cool down redness & calm heated skin.

Step 3: Fixer Cream
With a cooling, creamy texture, feel layers upon layers of moisture penetrates deep into the skin, giving your skin the hydration it truly needs for up to 24 hours. Keep your skin fresh and vitalized. Smooth an firm all day long.

Key Ingredients:
1. Trehalose: Retains moisture on the skin.
2. Baobab Tree: Packed with antioxidant and vitamin C which promotes collagen formation. This collagen gives radiant, glowing skin as well as preventing wrinkles.
3. Wild Green Tea: Has antioxidants which help prevent free radical damage and encourage healing of skin cells, to help avoid premature aging like age spot, wrinkles and sun damage. Tannins in green tea acts as astringent which shrink pores and helps to reduce the production of sebum.

How to use:
Apply evenly onto the face and gently pat till absorbed.

My review:
1. I’ve been use this for almost 6 months. I can see the difference after 2 weeks using these products. When I’m using the cleanser, I can say “omg”. It really works & moistures my skin. Usually most of cleanser will leave my skin becomes dry. Besides that, this cleanser make my skin feels fresh & cool after I washed my face & neck. Other than that, it really save my money. No need to buy scrub face product because this cleanser contains microcapsule which can exfoliate the dead skin on the face gently. Then, my skin feels soft, tighter & smooth.

2. The Primer water is the second steps of my skincare routine. It is lightweight texture and easily absorbs into my skin. The texture is a bit thick but watery if you put it on the face. Love the smell of primer water. It hydrated my skin.

3. Now, let’s talk about Fixer Cream, the final steps. I think non-fragrance. The texture is lightweight, non-greasy, easily absorbs into the skin. What they claim is really works and suits to my skin. My skin hydrated up to 24h & my wrinkle slowly disappear.

Thanks to Althea for making Althea Bare Essentials product with just three simple skincare steps.

To make any purchase, just click the link below:


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